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Today's case study is about Paddy Galloway Consulting. Paddy Galloway is a world-leading Youtube strategist who has worked for the biggest Youtubers in the world. Read how he did it below.

Case Study

Paddy Galloway is a YouTube genius. He has built a YouTube consultancy empire to $50,000 - $100,000 / month, worked with Mr Beast and has over 5000 leads in his waitlist.

He did this all without sending a single line of cold email or cold calling.

I have compiled four 4 chapters on how his content growth strategy led him to secure clients such as Mr Beast, Noah Kagen, and many other titans of YouTube.

  • Chapter 1: Setting the stage
  • Chapter 2: Content Design
  • Chapter 3: Content Analysis
  • Chapter 4: Securing the client

Chapter 1: Setting the stage

Paddy Galloway's love for YouTube started when he was just 12 years old. But unlike others, his true passion wasn't creating videos. He was obsessed with understanding how YouTube channels grow and succeed. He wanted to uncover the secrets behind the algorithm, the strategies that lead to growth, and how they built such a powerful community around their brand.

Paddy Galloway's Story

Like every YouTuber, Paddy Galloway began by testing out various niches for his channel, such as ‘how much money do celebrities make?’. However, in 2017, he changed his focus to a video titled "How Peter McKinnon gained 1 million subscribers in under a year," which marked the beginning of a niche that would change his life forever.

Peter McKinnon thumbnail - Paddy Galloway

Paddy had already been taking notes about Peter McKinnon's growth strategies. So he decided he might as well share his findings in a YouTube video and see how it would be received, as there was also no one doing this at the time. This decision also aligns with the purpose behind my website, where I publish my findings on early growth strategies used by startups that can be replicated for my headhunting agency,

Now, let's take a closer look at how Paddy creates his content...

Chapter 2: Content Design

Paddy Galloway's videos stand out with their simple and minimalist design. This intentional choice of simplicity has played a significant role in his early growth strategy. Let's explore how he created the design of his content and the factors that contribute to its effectiveness.


The different type of YouTube subscribers - Paddy Galloway

Paddy Galloway creates his content using a simple style. He features videos without showing his face, opting for simple graphics with a white background. He takes on the task of writing his own scripts and providing voice-overs. To bring his ideas to life, he uses a software called VideoScribe.


Like many YouTube channels, Paddy Galloway's early thumbnails were not initially perfect. They didn't capture attention effectively. However, he recognized the importance of refining his thumbnail design and content structure through constant trial and error. He experimented with different copywriting techniques and visuals for the video to optimize their impact and appeal to his audience.

Paddy Galloways Old Thumbnails
Old Thumbnails

After multiple changes, he eventually discovered a consistent thumbnail design that proved to be highly effective branding. One of his most successful and recognizable thumbnails features is the iconic red graph, which became a visual representation of his content and brand 'the guy with the red graph’. This visually appealing and consistent thumbnail design played a significant role in attracting viewers and driving significant engagement to his videos.

Paddy Galloways New Thumbnails
New Thumbnails

Paddy Galloway also maintained a consistent color scheme of red, black, and white across his branding and incorporated an exaggerated image of these creators with a green outline, creating a distinct and recognizable visual identity, similar to how all these YouTubers make their own thumbnails.


Paddy knows how to write catchy copywriting for his videos. Take a look at his thumbnail with the phrase "The man who broke YouTube." It's so attention grabbing and makes you curious to click and see, how this is actually possible. He's got a eye for creating things that hook you in and make you want to watch more. With clever and captivating phrases like that, Paddy knows how to get people interested in his content.

Paddy Galloways MrBeast Squid Game Video Strategy
Paddy Galloways MrBeast Squid Game Video Analysis
Paddy Galloways How MR Beast Built His Business Empire
Paddy Galloways Old Thumbnail on a Mr Beast video

By highlighting keywords like "Beat" and "Broke" in red, he creates a visual emphasis that immediately grabs attention. These power words are much more intriguing and captivating than simply mentioning a subscriber count, right?


Paddy Galloway's video titles are attention-grabbing and clearly explain what viewers can expect from the content. He often mentions the name of the content creator, which holds a lot of influence and sparks curiosity.

You might have noticed that there are multiple videos featuring Mr Beast. Why is that? Well, Paddy is using a tried-and-true strategy that many top Twitter creators also use. He repurposes old content that performed well and puts a unique spin on it. In this case, he targeted specific videos like 'How Mr Beast's Squid Game Broke YouTube' and 'How Mr Beast Made YouTube's Greatest Video.'

The interesting thing is that Paddy applies this same strategy for his clients too. He knows the power of leveraging successful content and tailoring it to different topics or niches to maximize reach and engagement. It's a smart approach that helps him deliver results for his clients.

Paddy Galloways Clients Video Ideas Results

Alright, let's shift our focus from the thumbnail and design and dig into what really makes Paddy Galloway's content go viral…

Chapter 3: Content analysis

Paddy has an eye for identifying what sets these YouTubers apart from the rest of the crowd. He understands that the best YouTubers are the ones who continuously invest in improving their videos, just like startups need to invest early on to enhance their offerings.

Keeping in line with the simplicity theme of his design, Paddy's content is incredibly easy to follow. He breaks down complex concepts and makes them accessible to anyone watching. By the end of his videos, viewers feel like they've gained a wealth of knowledge and can proudly say they've leveled up their understanding. It's like having a big brain moment without the overwhelm.

No waffles:

In every video, Paddy starts off by laying out a simple 3-5 step process on how the YouTuber he's analyzing achieved their success. He smoothly transitions from one point to the next, making it super easy to follow along. It's like going through a Twitter thread that breaks things down step by step. People absolutely love that clear and concise approach, which is why I've taken a similar step-by-step approach in talking about his step-by-step process. It's all about keeping things simple and making sense of it all.

Mr Beasts 3-part Equation

Breaking down an analysis into clear steps is crucial for its effectiveness, regardless of the platform you're sharing it on. Long, overwhelming lists like "Here are 35 steps this YouTuber used to grow his channel" can quickly lose the attention of viewers. Instead, it's important to deliver the analysis in a concise and digestible manner. By presenting the information in manageable steps, you make it easier for viewers to follow along and stay engaged. Remember, people appreciate content that respects their time and delivers valuable insights without overwhelming them. (Hopefully my content does too)

State the wrong version:

Another effective strategy that Paddy Galloway uses, is that he showcase the wrong version of your content, just like I did earlier. By doing this, it helps you highlight the quality of your analysis. Paddy mentions that the video wouldn't be as impactful if he used a certain version of the thumbnail, and this resonates with viewers as they can agree with him. It's a clever way to engage the audience and make them appreciate the value of your content even more.

Paddy Galloways Thumbnail Analysis On Mr Beast

Engaging with his audience:

Paddy Galloway has mastered the art of retaining his audience's attention. He does this in a couple of ways. Firstly, he mentions intriguing questions like "How did this siily man go from this, to the biggest YouTuber in the world?", accompanied by clips of the YouTuber's old, low-quality videos. This creates a narrative of transformation, making the viewer feel that they, too, can achieve similar success by watching the rest of the video.

Paddy Galloways Retention Strategy

Additionally, Paddy strategically scatters questions throughout the video, such as "What does Mr Beast know that we don't?" These questions create a sense of mystery and curiosity, keeping the audience engaged and wanting to find out the answers.

Paddy's understanding of audience retention is a crucial factor in his success. By employing these techniques, he effectively keeps his viewers hooked and eager to watch his content until the end.

Proof of analysis:

Paddy Galloway provides visual evidence to back up his statements. Unlike many other analysis gurus, he always includes video clips or examples to support his points in a straightforward manner.

This approach leaves the viewer feeling more satisfied because they can visually see the evidence and understand the concepts more effectively.

As you can see throughout the blog, I'm following a similar approach by including visuals to improve your understanding of the content.

Paddy Galloways Visual Evidence

Lastly, Paddy Galloway combines his graphics and text to create a seamless and engaging experience for the viewers. He ensures that there is always something happening throughout the video, making it visually stimulating and captivating.

He uses VideoScribe, as I mentioned earlier, to enhance the overall presentation and keep the audience hooked from start to finish.

4. Securing the big clients

So in summary, Paddy Galloway mastered various elements through his YouTube case studies, including thumbnail design, copywriting, reusing great content, strategic timing of posts, and creating great content through the following techniques in his videos:

  1. Implementing a simple step by step process.
  2. Retention increasing content.
  3. Sharing the opposites of great content.
  4. Providing proof to support his analysis.

By effectively incorporating all of these ingredients, Paddy was able to create a video featuring Mr Beast that gained over 6 million views, showcasing the power of his strategies and efforts I mentioned.

Paddy Galloways Viral Video On Mr Beast

After this video in 2019, Mr. Beast started to follow him on social media and he started building a genuine connection with him on Twitter as they both had similar interests about the algo, growth hacks etc. In this way, he discovered that Paddy was really knowledgeable in the subject.

Then back in 2020, he acquired his first significant client, "lover fella," a Minecraft channel with 1.5 million subscribers at the time. He contacted him since he liked his videos and was interested in hiring him.

Paddy Galloways First Client

Despite not completely recognizing the value he could add to the channel, he chose to take on the project since he saw it as a chance for growth. Similar to, when working with massive clients early on, there is frequently a fear of not being completely prepared. Paddy welcomed the challenge and saw it as an opportunity to grow.

This channel was great to work with. The YouTuber had a big enough channel and posted 10 videos per week, which allowed him to experiment to discover the ideal titles, thumbnails, intros, retention methods, and measure how well it performs in real time. It's a game of trial and error that allowed him to gain knowledge while paying between $30 and $50 per hour at the time.

Between December 2020 and January 2021, he gradually began doing one-off consultations with other YouTubers, and eventually switched from Lover Fella to Mr. Beast.

The positive feedback he received on Twitter spreads thanks to the great work he did for Lover Fella. This teaches you that if you want to attract clients via content, you should first give a lot of value before expecting anything in return. Avoid wasting a strong connection by attempting to sell to them right away; network building is a long-term process.

After receiving a personal message from Mr. Beast at three or four in the morning, asking for feedback on one of his videos, he responded right away and spent the next hour putting together a thorough analysis for him. Mr. Beast liked the analysis so much that he hired him for six months to provide reviews of his videos, thumbnail designs, and titles with the editing team, earning the biggest reference possible for a YouTube consultant.

Paddy Galloways Video Analysis On Mr Beast
Paddy Galloway Analyzed This Video

Perhaps if he had fallen asleep, Mr Beast would have lost interest?

So I think a great conclusion for this case study is to never sleep, otherwise you might end up missing out on securing a life changing client.

So how can you replicate his success in your own business?

To this day, I haven't come across channels that match the quality of content Paddy produced. This could indicate that there is still an opportunity for you to have case studies on YouTube in different verticals, such as analyzing build in public founders from Twitter.

There are numerous smaller creators aspiring to become the next big thing, as well as casual followers who are eager to learn more about their favorite content creators. By providing analysis and insights, you could attract both groups. There's always the possibility that the creator might share your channel with their fans, or even reach out to you for consultancy services. The potential for growth and collaboration is immense in this space.

Don’t just simply copy what Paddy does, but rather, adapt and optimise your own branding to stand out like he does. By focusing on a specific niche, you can establish yourself as an expert in that field. The steps I mentioned earlier can serve as a guide to help you create a successful channel.

With YouTube consulting, it can be difficult to offer upcoming channels value because they haven't yet established themselves or have little data to work with. So it could be advisable to start by working with channels who have a lot of subscribers (1 million or more) and constantly uploading new content. Charge a smaller fee in the beginning while gaining experience and build out your portfolio.

This is what I found from Paddy's website's tiered list, which divides early creators into his newsletter tips series, the 1k-1mill channels into his accelerator course, and the 1mill+ channels into consultancy, is as follows:

Paddy Galloways Tier List

The tiered system is an ideal way to capitalize on your expertise and help with creators at various stages of their journey. It allows you to offer customised services that align with their specific needs and goals.

I believe these early growth tactics on YouTube is a real example of the potential for a business to thrive when high quality content is combined with a strong brand built around a genuine passion of yours..

5 lessons that i’ve learned on how to create viral content:

  1. The idea is more important than everything else.
  2. Create content that will interest casual viewers.
  3. Word choice of your titles and thumbnails are crucial. It must play on one of the viewers emotions.
  4. Quality beats quantity.
  5. Reinvest all your earnings back into producing content.

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